George Roth is teaching Canadian families and businesses how to implement The Infinite Banking Concept (IBC) Strategy

With George's help Canadians can grow, protect and preserve their lifelong cashflow! 

Together with my fellow Authorized Infinite Banking Practioner Richard Canfield, we will show you how this system is being implemented all across the country. 

This is a powerful program built on a rock solid foundation that has been paying dividends every year in Canada sice 1848, like clockwork!

Access The Introduction to IBC with CASE STUDY Here!

IBC is a concept that is empowering Canadians to have total control over every saved dollar and harness that savings potential for multiple generations!

What you will learn...  

  • How to get UNINTERRUPTED COMPOUNDING on the regular contributions you make to your savings, emergency fund and retirement
  • That creating this "Wealth System" is possibly the most amazing method to store and protect your cashflow, in the country
  • How to position your hard-earned money so that you will never have another sleepless night worried about how the markets are going to react to the next unfiltered Presidential TWEET
  • How you can earn at 4%... and pay at 6%... and still come out ahead by understanding the flow of your money
  •  A case study example: Buying 9 cars over a lifetime and having a system that gives you access to every dollar you paid for those cars to use in retirement!
  • How you can "RECAPTURE" debt from third party banks and lenders and move it into your own system
  • A world of infinite possibilities by harnessing the "multi-tasking" power of your money 
  • A streamlined way to make sure you pass on your wealth the way you want, on a tax-free basis  
Give Me Access  NOW!

"Consumers focus on minimizing loss - bankers focus on maximizing profit. You finance everything you pay interest to someone else to access their pool of money or you give up the interest your pool of money could have earned...there are no execptions!"

 - R. Nelson Nash

Build your retirement and a financial lifeline at the same time!

Create a powerful savings pool to achieve every major milestone of your families life!

  •  Every car purchase
  •  Down payments on real estate
  •  RRSP contributions
  •  Business Inventory/Equipment
  •  College funds for the kids
  •  Family vacations
  •  Your annual CRA tax bill
  •  Pay down debt 
  •  So much more...

How to create a "Family Wealth System" and control your financial destiny!

You can have total access to your lifelong savings by building a system. From here you will be able to "self-finance" every major purchase you can think of. Best of all... it is a mutigenerational plan based on a private contract. Control when you use it, how you use it, and how big you want to make it.

The Secrets from the bestselling book with over 300,000 copies sold worldwide!

The financial markets are a volatile rollercoaster of wild unpredictability. By taking control of the banking function, as it relates to your life over time, you are in the driver's seat of your hard earned money! 

With this system in place you can insulate your savings from the typical ups and downs that most Canadians face. Protect your capital from the next big financial meltdown by discovering how to use this powerful system.

Here's just a taste of what people said...

"Really great presentation" - David S. - Calgary, Alberta

"Great presentation!! - Chris C. - Calgary, Alberta

"Great job. Loved it!" - Lana R. - Edmonton, Alberta

"Fantastic Presentation! Wealth of information" - Ken A. - Calgary, Alberta

"Very well done, thank you for the info." - Shirley M - Calgary, Alberta

"Thanks! Great Job!" - Wayne D. - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"Thank you! Appreciate all the information." - Kali R. - Calgary, Alberta

"Thank you for your time and sharing your knowledge, have a fabulous night!"- Cindy G. - Calgary, Alberta

"There is no such thing as having too much money in the bank. Wealth must reside somewhere. What better place to have it reside than here?" 

- R. Nelson Nash 

R. Nelson Nash

Best-Selling Author of Becoming Your Own Banker & Building Your Warehouse of Wealth

"You can control the financial environment in which you operate...learning to control it is the most profitable thing you can do over a lifetime." 

- R. Nelson Nash

You alone have the power to shape your entire financial future, and that of your children, with this powerful information. In fact, with a little strategic planning you can maximize This Wealth System to enhance your retirement, protect your wealth and keep more of your money in your pocket!

You hold the keys to your financial life... please don't hand those keys over to anyone else! 

Take the time to learn and develop your financial foundation with education


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